Ricky Kruger at FAN EXPO August 22-25

Ricky Kruger

Ricky Kruger, gallery artist at Pentimento Fine Art Gallery will exhibiting at this years Fan Expo 2013. If you are looking for something to do next week stop by Fan Expo to see him. Ricky's work is bold, colorful and downright sexy.  Make sure to stop by and say hello.  He'll be there  from August 22nd to the 25th at the Metro Convention Center in the South Building. 


Francis Muscat Opening – WHEN A TREE FALLS July 25

Francis Muscat
Pentimento Gallery is happy to welcome back Francis Muscat with his latest works, entitled;
When a Tree Falls.

Francis Muscat is a Sculptor that lives in Sunderland, Ontario. He has a passion for glass and combines it in sculpture with wood, stone and lights. Francis describes his work as a "reworking of material to give a new life with respects to its history."

The show will run from July 25 - August 18.

Artist's Statement-

Beavers do what beavers do and many trees fall.
The peripatetic Beaver decided to make my pond one of his homes.
This was an invitation for me to react, comment and eventually take action.
The similarity in which the trees fell intrigued me, the way the wood fibers where violently pulled apart spoke to me and eventually I needed to make an effort to collaborate with my new neighbor.
Initially I felt that I needed to respond to the destruction.  There was anger and sadness. This resulted in making comments about this destruction.
We as humans do the same.
The next approach was that of a builder, a house builder. Just like the beaver, I too build houses, small houses and houses of the spirit.
This body of work deals with my interest in interaction with my environment. I have been invited to comment on this change to my pond scene.
By leaving evidence of the beaver’s work on the felled pieces and by borrowing I have rebuilt, rearranged and decorated.


Paul Specht Opening - June 20th 6-9pm

Pentimento Gallery is pleased to present the work of Paul Specht. Join us as we celebrate Pride with a collection from the Boston photographer.

The Vernissage will be held on June 20 from 6-9pm

Bio :
Paul Specht grew up in a suburban subdivision of Boston’s north shore. He developed his love of photography from his father who gave him his first 110 camera. He attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst to pursue a Fine Art degree in printmaking before graduating from Boston’s New England School of Photography where he studied portraiture and advertising. Paul relishes in the individual, details of personal spaces and the intimacy created within in an image.

The Show will run from June 15 - July 14

A selection of images from the show after the jump (attention: nudity)


Ricky Kruger at THE SUPER SUPER SHOW June 7th

Friend of the gallery and past Pentimento exhibitor Ricky Kruger will be showing a piece at the next Super Wonder Gallery event.  The Super Super Show Happens on Friday June 7th at 99 Sudbury.  Keep an eye out for Kruger who will be the featured artist for ROOTS in June.



Pentimento Gallery is happy to announce the extension of the current Spring Salon show until June 9th.  If you have yet to make it to the gallery, now is your chance to see a great show of very diverse work by established and emerging painters, photographers and mixed media artists.

Robert Farmer
Troy Brooks
Troy Brooks
Nathaniel Anderson
Colin W Davis
Colin W Davis
Stephanie McGinn
Left: G Elliott Simpson Center and Right: James Huctwith
G Elliott Simpson

Top: Joey Bruni Bottom: Lisa Graziotto
Stev'nn Hall
Lisa Graztiotto
Kisung Koh
Kisung Koh
Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten Johnson
Lisa Graziotto
Lisa Graziotto

Peter James Kashur



We are happy to welcome spring into the city with another fantastic group show featuring the work of gallery favourites as well as emerging up-and-coming artists.  The show will include multiple works by the following artists:

G. Elliott Simpson
Troy Brooks
Peter Kashur
Lisa Graziotto
Stev'nn Hall
James Huctwith
Joey Bruini
Stephanie McGinn
Colin Davis
David Caesar
Robert Farmer
Kristen Johnson
*just added* Kisung Koh

Join us Thursday, April 25th between 6-9 to meet the artists and enjoy drinks and light refreshments or stop by during gallery hours between April 25th and May 12th.



For those of you unable to make the vernissage for Terry Gambarotto's ground breaking show KARDIONIC I wanted to share some of the fun of that night.  Enjoy.

If you are looking for something to do on Sunday's during this show and are intrigued by the cutting edge technology that Terry uses to create these visceral, organic works he will be in the gallery each week from 1 to 5 pm.

Looking for something to do on Valentines Day?  Terry and his trio will be performing both the KARDIONIC performance and will be adding the World Premiere of OPERATIONS!
To book a seat please give me a call at 416-406-6772.  Seating is limited so get yours reserved today!

Terry Gambarotto

End of the Evening from Queen Street East

Opening Evening Crowd

Kardionic Images

Opening Evening Crowd

Terry thanking his audience and friends and family.

Opening evening crowd!

Opening evening crowd!


 James Huctwith 

Works now represented by Pentimento Fine Art Gallery

The Miracle Of The Bread
20 x 30"
Oil On Canvas

James Huctwith lives and works in downtown Toronto. Born in 1967, he was raised in rural Southern Ontario. He attended Cayuga Secondary School from 1981 until 1986, graduating with honours from Grade Thirteen. Afterwards, he studied fine art for three years at the University of Guelph, primarily interested in theory, history and architecture. After this, he lived in Vancouver in the early ‘90’s where he first began to paint and exhibit. Returning to Toronto in 1995, he began producing and exhibiting professionally with the O’Connor Gallery. He was with the gallery for a decade. The next three years were marked by personal upheaval and marked changes. In the spring of 2005, Huctwith joined Gallery Jones in Vancouver for two years, and produced a run of 'colder' non-figurative works, in contrast to the O’Connor shows which had been physically and emotionally explicit. Huctwith left O'Connor and joined Galerie Harwood near Montreal, also for two years, starting in 2006. The work produced for this gallery was marked primarily by considered re-interpretations of the still life genre. Feeling it was time to regroup and rediscover where he wanted to go with the work, Huctwith moved all his work back to Ontario, placing past work with Antonio Arch Fine Arts Ltd. in Toronto, and signing up with Galerie La Petite Mort in Ottawa. His first show there, in the fall of 2009, was a success. Both published and regularly reviewed, his work is collected both nationally and internationally. James is now represented by Pentimento Fine Art Gallery.  To view work that is available please visit our website at www.pentimento.ca .

Oil On Canvas
22 x 28"

Angel No 1
Oil On Canvas
40 x 48"

Exhibition and world premiere performance by Terry Gambarotto

Performance: February 14, 2013 at 8pm
Exhibition: January 31 - February 17, 2013
@ Pentimento Fine Art 1164 Queen Street East | Toronto ON M4M 1L4 pentimento.ca | 416 406 6772
Toronto, ON - Terry Gambarotto is pleased to announce the world premiere of his latest audio- visual performance OPERATIONS at Pentimento Fine Art on February 14, 2013 at 8pm.
This tech-no-influenced work visualizes and manipulates percussion patterns in abstract space.
He will also be performing his audiovisual performance KARDIONIC.
Kardionic has been performed at Arraymusic Studio (Toronto), In- teraccess Gallery (Toronto) and at the inaugural Understanding Visual Music Conference at Con- cordia University (Montreal).
Kardionic explores the organic, energetic and spiritual dimensions of the human heart.
The performance is held in conjunction with his his first solo exhibition at Pentimento Fine Art in Toronto, which opened on January 31, 2013 and is on view through February 17, 2013. The exhibition consists of two series of large scale, high resolution digital c prints derived from the av performance works.

Seating is limited.  Please call to reserve one!  416-406-6772

For video and more info:
http://foolskool.com/operations http://foolskool.com/kardionic
Terry Gambarotto @ rocky@foolskool.com http://foolskool.com 416 703 9536
For Pentimento Fine Art: John Rait http://pentimento.ca 416 406-6772




Over the last few months a small team of 3, Brigitte Gall, TV host, comedienne and City Councillor of Minden Ontario, Victoria Ward, Artist and playwright and blogger and myself have quietly been working towards a new series of evenings here at Pentimento in the tradition of the salons that took place in Europe during the late 1800's.  These evenings are meant as a means to bring together Art, Music, Science and Politics in the same room and to see what happens when worlds collide.  In our trial evenings so far we have had guests like John Nash, a genome physicist with Health Canada, Graeme Lottering who gave us an amazing talk on the history of pigment, celtic fiddler Lennan Delaney who recently travelled Europe with Frank McCourt and his brother and Artist/Actress Kirsten Johnson who through humor and pathos gave us her view of the world now and in the future.

Colette Stevenson

In our final trial evening we were very lucky to have as special guests Colette Stevenson, Coronation Street actress, Al Rowe a young musical sensation and an amazing interview by Thom Ernst, Host of TVO's Saturday Night at the Movies and film critic and author Richard Crouse about Richard's latest book

Al Rowe


What made the evening even more fun was that unbeknownst to Richard Crouse a very dear friend of mine Meg Walter was in the audience.  Meg played Sister Meg in the Ken Russell film The Devils.  At the end of their conversation we brought Meg to the stage and introduced them all. Suffice it to say that Richard's mind was blown.

Pentimento Gallery would like to offer our sincere thanks for everyone who has participated in the lead up to the launch of these nights in 2013!  Our special thanks to both Thom Ernst and Richard Crouse for a fascinating and informative discourse on this forgotten but groundbreaking film.
Salon at Pentimento is hosted by the amazing Brigitte Gall and Victoria Ward!
The Salon nights are scheduled once a month and the seating is very limited... 30 people maximum!  Look for announcements here on the Blog!