Over the last few months a small team of 3, Brigitte Gall, TV host, comedienne and City Councillor of Minden Ontario, Victoria Ward, Artist and playwright and blogger and myself have quietly been working towards a new series of evenings here at Pentimento in the tradition of the salons that took place in Europe during the late 1800's.  These evenings are meant as a means to bring together Art, Music, Science and Politics in the same room and to see what happens when worlds collide.  In our trial evenings so far we have had guests like John Nash, a genome physicist with Health Canada, Graeme Lottering who gave us an amazing talk on the history of pigment, celtic fiddler Lennan Delaney who recently travelled Europe with Frank McCourt and his brother and Artist/Actress Kirsten Johnson who through humor and pathos gave us her view of the world now and in the future.

Colette Stevenson

In our final trial evening we were very lucky to have as special guests Colette Stevenson, Coronation Street actress, Al Rowe a young musical sensation and an amazing interview by Thom Ernst, Host of TVO's Saturday Night at the Movies and film critic and author Richard Crouse about Richard's latest book

Al Rowe


What made the evening even more fun was that unbeknownst to Richard Crouse a very dear friend of mine Meg Walter was in the audience.  Meg played Sister Meg in the Ken Russell film The Devils.  At the end of their conversation we brought Meg to the stage and introduced them all. Suffice it to say that Richard's mind was blown.

Pentimento Gallery would like to offer our sincere thanks for everyone who has participated in the lead up to the launch of these nights in 2013!  Our special thanks to both Thom Ernst and Richard Crouse for a fascinating and informative discourse on this forgotten but groundbreaking film.
Salon at Pentimento is hosted by the amazing Brigitte Gall and Victoria Ward!
The Salon nights are scheduled once a month and the seating is very limited... 30 people maximum!  Look for announcements here on the Blog!

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