Pentimento Fine Art Gallery is pleased to now be the official representative of the work of Kirsten Johnson

I first met Kirsten Johnson as an emerging young actress during an audition at the CBC in the late 1980's.  To this day I remember that meeting and the intriguing woman that is and was Kirsten.  Most of our chat focussed on the narrow scope of interest for Hollywood producers and the vast potential to improve what was on offer to the masses.  Over the years I have reveled in the many fine performances that this fearless actress has given both on stage and in the films of directors like David Cronenberg, Jeremy Podeswa and Daniel MacIvor.

Imagine my surprise when years later after having left the CBC I discovered another facet to this woman I had no idea existed.  While over at a clients home for dinner one evening I was totally enthralled with a portrait that hung on their wall.  The work held my attention throughout a very animated dinner party and when I had the chance I asked my host who had painted it for them.  It was not a very far jump from theatre fan to being a fan of her explorations on canvas.  Kirsten had hooked me again!  I am very excited to be able to share her work with you all now through the gallery.  Kirsten will be taking part in the upcoming Salon here at Pentimento and I am excited to introduce you to her.  Here are some examples of Kirsten's works and a small film she has recently created for you to peruse and enjoy.  

Salon runs from June 7 to July 15th with the Vernissage taking place on June 7 from 6-9pm.

Geisha Fight 6

Windy 1

Windy 2

Stewardess Fight 4


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