In this photo: Christy Haldane

In this photo: Andrew Salgado, Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano, Darryl Block, Greg Holman

In this photo: Troy Brooks

In this photo: Cate McGuire, Wil Simpson, Ron Baker

Chris Williams

In this photo: Bette Woodland, Brock Ryan

In this photo: Gary Blundell, Frances Patella

In this photo: Stev'nn Hall, Trevor Nicholls

In this photo: Michelle Reaume, R. Kelly Clipperton
We have just installed our annual Summer Salon group show at the First Canadian Place Gallery and we are excited yet again to be able to show a great collection of both established and emerging artists in such a great space.  The show is open for public viewing from Monday to Saturday 11-3PM.  Hours of operations are subject to change due to private functions.  For more information please contact the Arts and Events office at 416.862.6290

The reception will be held on August 4, and will run from 6-9PM

Summer Salon is officially open to the public!  NEW HOURS: Monday-Saturday 11-3PM

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