Aphrodite or She Shells 2 - Wood and resin construction with sea shells and rope
Hero 2 - Wood, old enamel pot and resin construction with shoe lasts
Crossroads - Wood and resin construction with shoe lasts

Susan Valyi was born in Vancouver, and studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, but didn’t find her artistic voice until abandoning her formal education and approaching her sculpture with the naivety of an ‘Outsider Artist’.

     Her work is constructed of puzzle-pieces made from found objects, wood and resin joined together, filled, grinded and polished into human and animal forms with mythical and whimsical silhouettes.  The work is based on preliminary sketches, but is created in a beautifully organic fashion with wave-like curves coming to abrupt joints with found iron and animal bone objects.

     “I started nicking my fingers with my Dad’s tools at the age of 8 and I’ve never stopped.  I feel my life has run the gauntlet between raising a family, caring for a big old house, working as a graphic designer and always, always first in my mind, making art.  I live with my family near a small French town on the border of Ontario and Quebec and I am currently and finally learning to speak French.  I show frequently, mostly in Toronto but I have exhibited as far as Calgary, Chicago and Palm Beach.  I am represented by galleries in Toronto, Oakville, Waterloo, Ottawa and Bracebridge” – Susan Valyi

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