Toronto arts manager and local arts-enthusiast Sue Edworthy bravely ventured to the East end to check out Pentimento and wrote a blog post on her experience.  She hints at the exciting adventures to be had in the neighbourhood of Leslieville, and suggests that you, too, explore more of what our city has to offer.

"Recently a couple things in the East have piqued my interest, so I thought I’d tell you about one that I’m going to today – the Pentimento Fine Art Gallery..." read more

She also came back to view G. Elliott Simpson's show and write a blog post explaining her experience with the work and a bit of the meaning behind the show.

"About the exhibit – my God it was fantastic. Like a good art patron I read the statement about the work – it  discussed the idea that although we claim we are becoming an even more open society, we are becoming even further enmeshed in the concepts of groups and tribes. Where do you belong?" read more

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