Husband-and-wife duo Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano's wildly popular 2010 work on a new view on potholes is still garnering rave reviews over a year later!  Most recently, "Baywatch on Amalfi Drive", shot in Los Angeles, has appeared in Vanity Fair Italia's current issue (june 15, 2011).
     Claudia tells us a little more about the series: “Directly engaging with the street and the city, the highly imaginative series transforms the bad into good, creating a tongue-in-cheek collection of tableaux that are at once contextual and surreal”. Potholes is a photography series we started in 2009. After hitting a huge pothole in our Montréal neighborhood we were inspired to shoot a series of photographs depicting the concave cracks of Montréal as functional tools.. Initially, our goal was to show how ridiculous the Montréal potholes were but as we began to shoot the first part of the series we quickly realized that our own perception of the potholes was changing, we started seeing them as these beautiful and individual crevices. After the Montréal part of the series was completed we had a solo “One Night Only” show in Montréal, the show was a huge success and so was our series. We started getting phone calls from nearly every local and national media. We then entered and won a photography competition at the Soho Photo Gallery in NYC and decided to shoot a NYC pothole while we were there to meet with the Gallery team. We did the same thing in Toronto and Los Angeles and kept getting incredible press coverage everywhere we shot or exhibited our work. The positive feedback has been overwhelmingly heartwarming and has given us the confidence to continue investing in ourselves and in our project by continuing the series to eventually publish a Potholes Around The World Book.
     We are now in pre-production for our next photography series, which we plan to shoot in the upcoming months, this new project is a humorous take on consumerism and how trends affect our behavior in today’s society. It is scheduled to be exhibited at Pentimento May 2012."

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