G. Elliott Simpson's work appears on the cover of edition #425 of Fab Magazine, which also contains an interview on the artist, his past and his process.  Check it out here!  And don't forget to attend Simpson's opening tomorrow night (June 2) from 7-10!

     "In the world of photographer G Elliott Simpson, the male figure is moulded into a dark and almost devilish presence. A slick sheen or an ashen veneer coats muscled flesh. Each model’s face and body is lost and identity is transformed and obscured.
     It’s no surprise that Simpson’s work explores the darker side of human nature. In his youth, he faked his own death at school to freak out his teachers and read books about the occult. Post-university, Simpson worked as a graphic designer and dabbled in photography — until a life-changing “accident” in 2003..." continue reading

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