Come check out our current show, photographer R. Kelly Clipperton's collection of re-imagined album covers!

"The impetus for this series of photos was the album It’ll End In Tears by This Mortal Coil.  My head flooded with images as I kept thinking of this title.  I then thought what a perfect thesis: take album titles and re-imagine them.  No influence from the original album artwork, the band or the music, just let the title feed me ideas.  As I’m not one to be subtle I figured let’s do 30 of them, like a Top 30 countdown… something I loved as a kid.  I’d always look forward to the Thursday Countdowns, both the Top 40 stations and the Alternative ones, probably with similar anticipation that others look forward to Oscar night, who is going to climb up and who is going to make a dramatic fall.  Perhaps an early example of what Reality Television has become.

So in this Top 30 I took 30 titles; some famous, some not so, and full on “Kellified” them.  Rio by Duran Duran turning into sun, 
sand, sweat, sex;  Version 2.0 by Garbage - a woman post-plastic surgery admiring her new self;  Katy Perry’s One of The Boys 
explores what she might have meant had she the balls, and Hotel California by The Eagles showing the less than desirable 
aspects of L.A.’s casting couch." - excerpt from the artist statement.

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